Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Grammar & Writing Seminar Coming December 16

Freedom Focused is pleased to inform you of an upcoming live webinar on December 16 featuring Dr. Jordan R. Jensen.

The topic is Error-Free Writing: Sharpening Your Grammar & Proofreading Skills.  This course is designed for anyone who writes professional e-mails, letters, memos, reports, proposals, etc.

Because this program may be of particular interest to YOU, we would like to personally invite you to attend.  And as our special guest, you are eligible for 50% off the regular registration fee!  The details to this webinar are below.

Error-Free Writing: Sharpening Your Grammar & Proofreading Skills

December 16, 2015

1:00PM EST - 2:00PM EST (12:00 Noon CST - 1:00 CST)

Please click on the web link below to view the details of this seminar.

Register Online: Click HERE for Webinar details & to Register
Call: 866-352-9539
Discount code: F7478005 
Priority code: 15999

We look forward to having you in attendance and providing you with the latest information on this topic!


I. Learning to Navigate Our Crazy English Language

          a. A Little History
          b. Sentence Structure
          c. Grammar Rules
          d. The Dictionary: Your New Best Friend

II. Editing

          a. Editing vs. Proofreading
          b. Syntax
          c. Content
          d. Formatting

III. Proofreading

          a. Spelling
          b. Capitalization
          c. Punctuation
          d. How to Proofread like a Pro

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