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TRUTH with a Capital "T"

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The Self-Action Leadership Theory & Model 

And a Metaphysical Theory of Everything


Truth with a Capital "T"

Perhaps the single most important ideological premise of an impending AGE of AUTHENTICISM is that Truth—with a capital "T"—exists as an absolute reality and force that exists independent of any human inclination, disinclination, arbitration, litigation, manipulation, or sophistication.

While Truth may possess varying (even paradoxical) applications in various situations and circumstances, Truth itself is neither situational nor circumstantial; nor is it changing or relative.

Truth simply is.

This fact applies to both the physical (observable, scientific) and metaphysical (unseen mental, emotional, spiritual, and moral) world.

Nearly everyone accedes the reality of physical (scientific, observable) truisms because they possess mathematical proofs.  For example, you would be hard pressed to find an educated person of any ideological flavor who didn't accept the absolute reality of the law of gravity, force, motion, entropy, inertia, torque, et cetera.  When it comes to basic physical laws, scientific proofs combine with obvious visual observations to create a near-consensus that things are a certain way, and can be confidently defined with an aura of irrevocability.

This is not to say we know everything there is to know about the physical world; far from it, in fact.  As a result, the search for truth about scientific verities persists, and I would argue, is still in a stage of relative infancy.  If it were otherwise, we would know much more about our exceedingly vast and mysterious universe than we currently do.  Moreover, we would also be more capable and mobile in exploring deeper and darker regions currently beyond our reach and purview.

Galileo Galilei
As human beings, we are prone to viewing ourselves as perched atop the existential food-chain.  Such an inflated self-perspective can lead to arrogant assumptions that we know more than we really do, and that we are more powerful than we really are.  Compared to the historical periods occupied by Archimedes or Galileo, ours is an enlightened time indeed.  But who's to say that our understanding of the universe in 2016 is not still primitive compared to the understanding of future civilizations, or of other sentient beings who may exist beyond our reach and visage whose comprehensions and capacities may dwarf our own?

Despite the profound limitations that inhibit a fuller understanding of all things natural and physical, most educated persons do accept that a great many Truths about the PHYSICAL realm can be known and proven with a high degree of certainty.

Unfortunately—or fortunately, depending on how you look at it—the same degree of certainty cannot be physically accessed or metrically observed with non-physical things that remain very much a part of our lives and consciousness.  The great debate about truth (with a lower-case "t") versus Truth (with a capital "T") in our world today, therefore, involves not so much its physical, but its metaphysical aspects.  The concept of, and apology for, metaphysical Truth is the topic of this article.    

The very essence of philosophical postmodernism, which the Western World has been steeped in for decades, is the notion that there really isn't any absolute, metaphysical truth.  To a postmodernist, metaphysical truth, including morality, is always circumstantially and situationally relative.

Authenticists see it very differently...  Despite their fundamentally mysterious nature (when compared to their physical analogues) metaphysical Truths are as real, unbendable, unbreakable, preeminent, absolute, and irrevocable as any physical Truths.

Postmodern philosophy is akin to abstract art
where pretty much anything goes
To a postmodernist, metaphysical truth is pliable and capricious; it is something to be created, molded, and ultimately formed into whatever image an individual postmodernist desires it should take.  Perhaps one of the reasons postmodernists typically do not believe in a Diety is because they assume (either consciously or unconsciously) that they themselves already are the highest power in the Universe, and therefore innately possess the right to create and mold truth to their liking.  And the more knowledgeable a postmodernist becomes, the less he or she believes in a Higher Power.  After all, who needs a higher power to teach you about Truth when you can so cleverly determine your own?

Authenticists, on the other hand, in recognition of their profound limitations as human beings (both intellectually and physically) are more apt to believe in a Higher Power who does know and can perform what he or she alone obviously can not.  And the more knowledgable an authenticist becomes, the deeper his or her faith in a Higher Power tends to grow—a result of recognizing that the more that one comes to know, the more one comprehends how much one does not know.

A postmodernist's view of truth is usually more temporarily convenient, and in the short run, may seem to be the correct means of viewing the metaphysical domain because it better aligns with the carnal, hedonistic, narcissistic, and nihilistic elements of our natures.  This is why much of our worldwide populace is so often blinded by shortsightedness and blunted by selfishness.  The underlying belief of many is that metaphysical laws, if they exist at all, do so to indulge human convenience and caprice, rather than to sharpen and refine human capabilities.

Who is right?  The postmodernists or the authenticists?  Is metaphysical truth constant or relative?  Is morality personally pliable or perfectly principled?  Has the universe decreed that a man or woman may determine his or her own truth, or does the burden lie upon each of us to discover what actually is true and then strive to abide in harmony with its unyielding decrees with the humble recognition that in the end, natural consequences governed by sovereign universal laws will ultimately have their way with all of us according to our chosen courses of thought, speech, and action?

The answer to this question is located at the philosophical confluence of conscience, historical understanding, present observation, mathematical logic, and metaphysical reason—with the consultation of conscience holding the trump card.  At Freedom Focused, we believe that attaining unto just such a Truth is quite possible for any diligent, determined, sincere, and patient seeker of Truth.    

While we admittedly cannot categorically prove it scientifically, Freedom Focused declares in words of intellectual soberness that metaphysical Truths of all kinds exist as assuredly and absolutely as do any physical Truths.  Moreover, like scientific proofs, metaphysical Truisms are "things" to be discovered, respected, and wisely harnessed to maximize one's existential growth and progress—and to influence the same in others.

Throughout my life, and particularly as a doctoral student, my pathway has crossed (either personally or in articles and books) with intellectuals who are convinced that metaphysical Truths with a capital "T" do not exist.  In the minds of these persons, each individual is entitled to one's own truth, but to insist on an absolute, overarching Truth that ultimately applies equally to everyone is the height of temerity and presumption — a notion concocted by right-wing religious zealots naively bereft of academic capacity and unfit to mingle amidst a milieu of postmodern intellectual elites.

Construction job of a
philosophical postmodernist
Metaphysical relativism is akin to capriciously scrambling a scientific text and then teaching the mixed up mess as reality.  It is like taking apart a clock, putting the parts inside a bag, shaking it up, and assuming that the clock will magically reassembled itself in the chaotic process of random intermingling.  The foolishness of such courses are self-evident, yet the sophistication of such syllabai is widely heralded around the postmodern world as a badge of academic enlightenment.

If it be folly to scramble a scientific formula (the physical) by caprice, on what rational grounds can we machinate and manipulate the metaphysical to our liking?  The answer is, we cannot do so—and get away with it in the long run.  Natural consequences will always play out over time, demonstrating with quasi-mathematical precision the clear and present reality that was all along.

Freedom Focused has a message for our deeply troubled world, and that message is this: all things (physical and metaphysical) in this world and universe are a certain way and are subject to laws of nature that are both absolute and irrevocable.  This physical and metaphysical reality and ontology is not a result of any whimsy of mankind's flimsy intellect, nor is it the effect of mankind's minor historical imprint on a tiny planet circling a medium sized star in a massive galaxy that is but one of billions of other galaxies spread throughout a colossal universe that may or may not have finite boundaries.

Construction job of a
philosophical authenticist
Rather, it simply is.  

Mankind's power lies not in choosing, nor in altering, what is.  We have no authority or capacity to create an alternate reality or truth more suitable to whatever ephemeral inclinations or hedonistic proclivities may perplex us during our mortal existence.


Our only power, both individually and collectively, lies in pursuing a comprehension of Truth Itself— which is best defined as an understanding of ourselves and all things as they really are, as they really were, and as they really will be in the future.

Many institutions of higher learning—from Harvard University on down—famously include the inscription, Veritas, upon their campus seals.  Veritas is Latin for "Truth."  It used to be that the university was a place where honest and earnest seekers of Truth went to find enlightenment about reality (physical and metaphysical).  In today's postmodern world, universities (especially the departments concerned with any variety of metaphysics) increasingly demonstrate little interest in the Truth.  They are more interested in creating their own puppet truth which they then hypocritically hold up as the truth with an ironically evangelical zeal in order to deepen ideological schisms and further advance their own pet, partisan political projects.  Such institutions of "learning" have sadly become fertile seedbeds of metaphysical fiction and fabrication planted by heretical postmodern professors.  These pied pipers of postmodernism are leading our children down a slippery slope into metaphysical (and in some cases physical) ruin.

The roots of postmodernism are in the academe
The roots of authenticism will likewise spring forth from
within the walls of Educational Institutions
If the perilous pap of postmodernism is ever to be checked and then seriously challenged, the duel must take place in the very venue where it initially took root—the academe.  Freedom Focused foresees a day in the not-too-distant future when a sizable fraction of academia will return to its roots of traditional truth seeking.  This return will not be signaled by the creation of a single credo that everyone in the movement automatically accepts; rather, it will be the result of a potpourri of different philosophical adherents acceding that there is indeed an ideal worth pursuing—and then collectively striving towards it from separate directions.

Second only to the quest to love perfectly, the quest to correctly comprehend Truth is the greatest quest in the world.  It is the quest of all of humanity's greatest actors and actresses—yesterday, today, and forever.

Two millennia ago, a Man who claimed to be the literal offspring of Deity, famously taught His followers that the road to freedom is and always will be the pathway illumined by the Truth.

"And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free."

Freedom Focused urges all mankind to quest after Truth — not in the sense of any one denominational dogma, political persuasion, or ideological creed — but in the essence of Truth Itself, or in other words, in an understanding of things as they really are.  In the process, may we all come to a fuller understanding of the reality of a real right and a real wrong and the difference between the two.  Then may we commit to follow more fully in the pathways of goodness and righteousness in order to receive the positive and constructive long-term consequences concomitant thereto.  Likewise, may we more fully eschew roads of error and evil from which negative and destructive long-term consequences are inevitable.  By so doing, may we all come to a fuller comprehension of things as they really are, were, and will yet be.  And in the process, may we become more tolerant of each other as we learn how to love more fully, authentically, sincerely, and deeply.

Freedom Focused does not claim to be the fountain of all truth.  To the contrary, we are little more than ardent seekers thereof.  Nevertheless, in an effort to support and promote the premise that Truth with a capital "T" does indeed exist to govern absolutely both the physical and metaphysical world, we have put forth the Self-Action Leadership Theory and Model, which we have dubbed as a Metaphysical Theory of Everything.  While we do not claim to have fully succeeded in achieving such a singular and superlative contribution, we are confident we have made progress in the direction of our general objective as truth seekers, and look forward to improving upon it as the years go by.

Self-Action Leadership:
The Textbook of Authenticism
We invite you to study our findings for yourself for the sake of gleaning whatever value may be obtainable therein.  You can start by reading our seminal textbook: Self-Action Leadership: The Key to Personal, Professional, and Global Freedom.

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SELF-ACTION LEADERSHIP is the key catalyst for initiating transformational leadership that lasts in any organization. The truth of the matter really is that simple; and the transformation of organizations through the holistic development of individuals really is that difficult—yet altogether possible for anyone willing to invest the time, effort, and sacrifice required to achieve authentic, transformational results.

Unlike any training program that has ever preceded it, Self-Action Leadership provides a single vehicle wherewith individual self-leaders can discover—and then act—upon the great truth that HOLISTIC personal development and growth spanning the mental, moral, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social elements of our individual natures is within the grasp of each one of us.

NoteFreedom Focused is a non-partisan, for-profit, educational corporation. As such, we do not endorse or embrace political figures. We do, however, comment from time-to-time on historical or political events that provide pedagogical backdrops to illuminating principles contained in the SAL Theory & Model.

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