Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Power in a Seed

I am perpetually inspired by the potential for growth and reproduction that lies within the tiniest of seeds.  The largest living organisms on Earth -- the massive redwood trees of Northern California -- begin their lives as a minuscule seed weighing a mere fraction of an ounce.

The legendary English Oak starts out as an itty-bitty acorn.  Similarly, the greatest men and women who ever lived began their physical lives as a seed and egg far too small for the naked eye to behold.

Self-Action Leadership is all about GROWTH -- holistic, existential growth that spans six vital areas of our lives (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, social, & moral).  In today's video message, Dr. Jordan Jensen touches on the power that exists in a seed.  In so doing, he reminds us that we are all kings and queens in embryo.

English Oak near HobbleDown
Surrey (Greater London), United Kingdom

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PLAY clip to hear Dr. Jordan Jensen speak about restoring American Patriotism & Greatness

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