Thursday, July 2, 2015

Addressing Problems of our Age with Education in True Principles

In preparation for the 4th of July tomorrow, I wanted to share some film clips that discuss some educational solutions to the array of issues that are currently threatening the leadership, greatness, prosperity, and freedom of our blessed country -- The United States of America.

As we move deeper into the 21st Century, our nation faces profound challenges from both outside and inside of her borders.  Her deepest troubles, however, lie inside the minds and hearts of her own citizens--including YOU and ME.  Today's clips highlight what I, Dr. Jordan R. Jensen, and my company -- Freedom Focused -- are doing in an effort to become part of solutions rather than part of problems to the deep, complex, and perplexing issues of our time.

Dr. Jordan R. Jensen introduces a
Self-Help Theory of Everything

Fire, Ice, & Unity:
Successfully Confronting the Troubles of our Age

Freedom Focused's TWO Primary GOALS

Restoring American Patriotism & Greatness

Introducing Dr. Jordan R. Jensen:
Founder & CEO of Freedom Focused

A quick note to those who may have been expecting the next chapter of my book in today's blog post... Just when I thought I had shown all the video clips from my recent speech and seminar, I realized I had missed several of them. 

The next two blogs, therefore, will be dedicated to these final clips, after which I will return to the serial publication of my book -- Self-Action Leadership: The Key to Personal & Professional Growth beginning in a couple of weeks.  Next week's post will include one final film clip, after which, I will return again -- as promised -- to the online publication of the book.  

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