Thursday, October 22, 2015

Timely Advice about Social Media Use from the Father of Time Management

What does the FATHER OF TIME MANAGEMENT have to say about social media use and human productivity?

Hyrum W. Smith

"Much of the time we spend on Social Media is incredibly destructive to human productivity."

- Hyrum W. Smith

Hyrum W. Smith, Co-Founder of FranklinCovey, is sometimes referred to as The Father of Time Management.  As an originator of the world famous Franklin Day Planning system, Smith has trained hundreds of thousands of business professionals all over the world to become more productive and effective in an effort to generate professional success, strengthen relationships, and obtain inner peace.

While a LOT has changed about our world in the past 32 years, one thing remains the same, and that is the existence of Natural Laws in our world and Universe.  Some Natural Laws are physical in nature and govern naturally occurring forces (e.g., gravity, torque, entropy, etc.).  Other Natural Laws are metaphysical in nature and govern consequences related to human thoughts and behavior.

Over two decades ago, Hyrum W. Smith published a best-selling book called The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time & Life Management.  The book sold over one million copies and helped countless individuals (including me -- I read the book back in 1998) become more productive and effective human beings and business professionals.

In a recent interview with Hyrum for an academic project I am working on, I asked Hyrum if there was anything he would change about that book based on his experiences and lessons learned over the past 21 years.  His answer: Not really.  Why?  Because according to Hyrum, nothing has changed over the last 6,000 years about metaphysical natural laws of human productivity and effectiveness.

What has changed?  According to Hyrum, the tools with which we plan our day have changed and will continue to do so with increasing speed, but the principles of effective time management and life leadership have not, nor will they ever change.

As such, he has some timely advice for all of us -- and especially the Millennial Generation -- about how we can be more productive and effective at work and at home, and his advice deals with our use of SOCIAL MEDIA.  According to Hyrum:

"I think social media is probably one of the biggest deterrents to human productivity on the Planet right now.  This is not to say it is all bad.  Clearly it is a two-edged sword.  For example, because of the Internet we can get things done faster and communicate better.  The problem lies with the enticement--the seductive nature of social media which pulls us into avenues of activity that have nothing to do with being productive workers, loving family members, or effective human beings.  Because people allow themselves to get pulled into counterproductive activities on social media, they collectively waste billions of hours every single day all over the Planet.  Posting too often on facebook and instagram, et cetera, can be a horrible waste of time.  If I could get Millennials to do one thing, I would reduce the amount of time they fool around with social medial to less than 30 minutes a day.  Right now they spend hours a day and it’s unbelievably destructive to human productivity." 
So there you have it folks...  While social media can be a wonderful enhancer to relationships and productivity (after all, I am utilizing social medial to proliferate this message about productivity), it can also be a great destroyer of the same.  I invite you to join Hyrum and me in carefully evaluating how much time you spend each day on social media, and then determine whether your social media activities are contributing to, or diminishing, your personal and professional productivity.  

To learn more about Hyrum's latest thinking on TIME MANAGEMENT, I encourage you to check out his new book: The 3 Gaps.  In this new book, Hyrum spells out the three gaps we often find in our lives: 1). The Belief Gap  2). The Time Gap  3). The Value Gap.  The reward for closing these three gaps in your life is the priceless treasure of Inner Peace.  Check out this book to learn what you can do beginning today to close the gaps in your own life to achieve Inner Peace

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