Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The REAL Problem Facing America

Tonight is the third Republican Presidential Debate. It will be broadcasted live from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The Liberty to Vote is a Great Blessing of a Democracy
Freedom Focused is NOT a political entity, nor does it endorse political parties or candidates. We do, however, encourage everyone to attend to their civic duty to get informed and participate in the political process -- one of the greatest gifts and liberties we possess as citizens of a democratic republic.

Our Country currently faces grave troubles. One of the avenues of addressing societal challenges is politics. As such, it behooves every American to stay informed, support candidates you believe in, and then let your voice be heard at the voting booth.

So far, I have had a chance to watch both Republican debates as well as the first Democratic debate. I enjoyed watching both party debates, and learned a great deal in doing so. The day after one of the debates, a Focus Group was queried as to their thoughts on how a particular debate played out.

With relation to one candidate whose personal and professional character was being scrutinized by the questioner, a member of the Focus Group said (to cheers from his comrades): "we need to move past little personal infractions because our Country has much bigger issues to deal with."

When I heard this man's comment, I thought about the work we are undertaking at Freedom Focused. As a corporation, we believe that the "Quality of the Individual is Supreme" -- a principle taught over a century ago by President Theodore Roosevelt. As such, we are dedicated to developing principle-centered leaders who possess sterling individual character.

All politics aside, the man in the Focus Group man could not have articulated a more eloquent inverse of what the REAL problem is in our country. Little did he -- and his colleagues know -- how backwards his formula for problem solving really is, yet sadly, much of the Country agrees with him, and has for several decades now. It seems almost no one wants to take personal responsibility for their individual, or our collective, problems. Likewise, nearly everyone is eager to blame others while making excuses for, and covering up any evidence of, their own character deficiencies.

It ALL begins with the Individual
You cannot solve macro problems by allowing micro problems to go unchecked. Nor can you save the outside of something by permitting its inside to rot. The only way to sanitize and fix the outer vessel of a person, couple, family, neighborhood, school, organization, state, or nation, is to cleanse and sanctify its inner vessel.

Cleaning the inner vessel through character development is where our focus lies at Freedom Focused. As an organization, we are dedicated to the "Quality of the Individual."

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And don't forget to do your civic due diligence to stay informed, including watching ALL of the Presidential Debates as you seek to cast well-informed votes this coming November, as well as in next year's Presidential and other elections.

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