Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A New Year's Resolution that Pays Weekly Dividends & Strengthens America

A New Year is upon us!  Have you set any new goals yet?  Or maybe a better question is... Have you set any new goals that will last beyond about January 10?  (SMILE)

If you are still looking for that elusive resolution to ensure that 2016 will be a better year than 2015, then Freedom Focused can help -- and at no cost to you.

Indeed, we have an offer that puts the "FREE" into Freedom Focused by providing weekly blog articles delivered directly to your email inbox at absolutely zero cost to you.  To date, thousands of people all over the world have read these articles on personal development, Self-Action Leadership, history, and other relevant topics--to their personal and professional benefit.  We invite you to join these readers to receive your own little boost each week.

To sign up for this blog, just enter your e-mail address in the white box on the lower right hand side of this page where it says: "Follow by Email."  After entering your e-mail address and clicking "Submit," check your e-mail inbox to confirm your submission, and you are all set!  Then, invite your friends and colleagues to do the same.

We look forward to having you join us in our effort to restore American Greatness, not through political means (we'll leave that to the people and the politicians; God help us all!), but through an education in true principles rooted in Universal Law.  It will be a slow and steady process... but it is the only REAL way to make America great again.

To get started, click on any of the links below to sample some of the most popular articles of 2015...

A 21st Century 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Self-Action Leadership in Real Life: Success from Chicago's South Side

From Orphan to Executive: Self-Action Leadership from Real Life

The Patriotism Principle

The Most Important Educational Message of the 21st Century

A Sacred Day of Remembrance

The Joe Jensen Story: A SAL Case Study

An Era Shifting Speech on Education

From One Simple Man to Another: My Tribute to Bill O'Reilly

The Uncle Tom's Cabin of the 21st Century

The Age of Authenticism

About the Author 

Dr. Jordan R. Jensen
Dr. Jordan Jensen is the Founder & CEO of Freedom Focused and the author of the groundbreaking new book, Self-Action Leadership: The Key to Personal, Professional, & Global Freedom.  He has trained business professionals in 47 U.S. States and Territories, 5 Provinces of Canada, and 9 Counties of Great Britain on a wide variety of soft-skill topics including leadership, self-leadership, management, time management, goal setting, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and a variety of communication skills. To learn more about Dr. Jensen and how his company, Freedom Focused, can assist you in achieving your organizational potential, visit www.freedomfocused.com

To buy Jordan's new book, click HERE.

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