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Self-Action Leadership Training for EDUCATORS

For generations, educators desiring to teach LEADERSHIP,  CHARACTER, and LIFE-SKILL EDUCATION have faced the dilemma of lacking a comprehensive, cogent resource.

The purpose of this article is to introduce a new SELF-LEADERSHIP TEXTBOOK that provides a seminal solution to this dilemma.

This groundbreaking resource provides teachers, coaches, principals, superintendents, and any other educators with a goldmine of information whereby they can further prepare their students for real life and empower their future success beyond mere academic instruction.  

This new resource is called, SELF-ACTION LEADERSHIP: The Key to Personal Professional, & Global Freedom, and it is changing the way educators think about leadership, character, and life-skill instruction and education generally speaking.

In the earliest days of our Republic, students' primary textbook was The Holy Bible.  The reason for this was not merely that books in general were hard to come by.  It was also because our Pilgrim Mothers and Fathers were by-and-large humble, God-fearing individuals who sought not only the knowledge to do things right in their trade, but also the courage and conviction to do the right things in their communities, homes, and personal lives as well.

Over the decades and centuries that followed, education in America became increasingly secular.  This trend was not all bad.  It did, however, carry a negative by-product—the gradual diminishment, and in some cases eradication, of principle-based leadership, character, and life-skills education.  This did not have to be the case; it was not inevitable; but nonetheless, it is what has happened.

How can educators remedy this problem, especially in light of the tremendous pressure they already face from external stakeholders (viz. State accountability measures) to "teach to the test" and meet a variety of other demands?  The answer to this question is simple, but not easy.  It will require educators to engage in deep introspection and invest an indomitable willingness to evolve and exercise transformational leadership and creativity within the confines of their own spheres of influence.  

C.S. Lewis, that venerable Christian author, once pointed out that authentic progress in any arena, including the resolution of past mistakes, can only be achieved in one way.

"We all want progress. But progress means getting nearer to the place where you want to be. And if you have taken a wrong turn, then to go forward does not get you any nearer. If you are on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; and in that case the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive man. We have all seen this when doing arithmetic. When I have started a sum the wrong way, the sooner I admit this and go back and start again, the faster I shall get on. There is nothing progressive about being pig headed and refusing to admit a mistake. … Going back is the quickest way on." [1]

Please do not misunderstand.  I am NOT suggesting we bring back The Holy Bible as the primary text in our nation's public schools.  I believe our Founding Fathers exercised great wisdom when they established a separation of Church and State in the public schools and governing bodies of our nation.  I am, however, stating what many educators all over the country already know to be true: that we often fail our children by providing a pedagogy entirely bereft of that special variety of instruction designed to prepare our youth with essential life-skills, empower them to become principle-centered leaders, and most importantly, promote and educate the conscience.

For any and all educators who seek a high-quality, non-denominational, secular, textbook that teaches leadership, character, good citizenship, and life-skills, look no further.  The guide you seek after has now been written and published.  It is called, Self-Action Leadership: The Key to Personal, Professional, & Global Freedom.

Click HERE to see the Self-Action Leadership textbook and read an extended SAMPLE on NOOK

Self-Action Leadership not only outlines a rich academically textured theory and model replete with wisdom from around the world and throughout the ages, it also comes garnished and seasoned with penetrating real-life anecdotes from the lives of successful leaders and educators who have "walked the talk" in their own classrooms, schools, and individual lives.

From my own classroom to elementary, middle, and high schools in the State of Georgia, teachers' and principals' own stories of success are richly highlighted in Book the Fourth—the fourth of five books within the text.

The other four sections of the book include Book the First, which heralds the importance of patriotism and attending to the civic duties that each individual holds to one's community, state, and nation.  Books the Second and Third (sections two & three) outline the Self-Action Leadership—or SAL—Theory and Model.  Finally, Book the Last (section five) provides additional insight into how to successfully implement the SAL Theory and Model into one's individual life—and then model and teach it to others.

Click HERE to learn more about the SAL Theory & Model.

After all the talk about the importance of inculcating leadership, character, and life-skill education into the minds and hearts of our children, a uniformed, comprehensive, self-leadership TEXTBOOK has finally been written to walk this talk.

If you are an educator, all you have to do now is get the book, read it, and then begin to formulate your own creative plans regarding how you can most effectively utilize the book as a resource in your own classroom or school.

In the meantime, listen to what other educators are already saying about this groundbreaking contribution to leadership and character education in America:

Dr. David Anthony in front of the Texas State Capitol in Austin
“Reading this book may be the most worthwhile thing you do this year. I hope the message of Self-Action Leadership makes its way into the minds and hearts of students, parents, and business professionals everywhere. Its presence in the literature is a service to our Country."   
David G. Anthony, Ed.D.
CEO of Raise Your Hand Texas and former Superintendent of the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District – Houston, TX  – one of the Top 25 Largest School Districts in America

Click HERE to read Dr. Anthony's Afterword to Self-Action Leadership

"Any student would benefit from the principles of Self-Action Leadership that Jordan Jensen teaches. Unfortunately, too many young people today don't learn these principles in their homes. If they don't pick them up somewhere, they are at a disadvantage in life." 
Joseph N. Jensen, M.A. (Ed.D. pending)
Principal, Orem Junior High School, Orem, Utah

To read about the remarkable progress Principal Jensen has made with his own staff and students by implicitly applying SAL-oriented principles, click HERE.

“As a high school English teacher who also facilitates a Student Leadership class, I was thrilled to learn about this insightful guide to self-leadership that can be used as a resource in classes just like mine. Thank you Jordan! As an educator, it is encouraging to know there are people out there like Dr. Jensen who are working hard to support administrators, teachers, parents, and students alike. I am confident the message of Self-Action Leadership will help to provide the guidance our youth so desperately need to become effective self-leaders and productive members of society.” 
Shannon Lindholm
High School Teacher, Magnolia, Texas  

"Dr. Jensen, through his experience teaching, brings to light the importance of teaching leadership and character inside the classroom. Teachers will feel empowered to impact youth outside of prescribed curriculum through an understanding of Self-Action Leadership."
James Fraser
High School Teacher; Conroe, Texas

To buy a copy of Self-Action Leadership, click HERE.

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Dr. Jordan Jensen
Master Facilitator
The opportunity is now here to bring explicit SAL training to YOUR classroom or school.  This opportunity includes the possibility of revolutionizing, or at least evolutionizing, your student body into pathways of holistic personal growth and progress that will produce quantum leaps in the long-term success of your bottom line—the extent to which your students become happy, healthy, contributing civic-minded members of society.

SAL Training is the training of the future.  It is training for the organizational soul.  It is the silver bullet to long-term success.

To read about one leader, Joe Jensen's, successful, implicit use of SAL principles and practices in leading his team to extraordinary, even outlying, results, click HERE.

If you are a Superintendent, Principal, Teacher, or Coach and are thinking about brining SAL training to your classroom, school, or district, where do you start?

Simple... just call us at 832-618-5451, or e-mail us at, and we will provide you with a free consultation to discover which SAL training would be right for you.

SAL trainings are deliverable in five different time frames.  Additional consulting services and a variety of related soft skills training options are also available upon request.

2-hour     ~   Introduction to SAL*

Half-day  ~  Abridged SAL training*

Full-day  ~   Abridged SAL training*

Two-day  ~  Abridged SAL training*   

Four-day  ~  Full SAL training* 

*All SAL trainings include a copy of Dr. Jensen's new book: Self-Action Leadership: The Key to Personal, Professional, & Global Freedom, seen below...


[1] Lewis, C. S. (2001). Mere Christianity. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco. Pages 28-29.

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Self-Action Leadership  ~  The Book

SELF-ACTION LEADERSHIP is the key catalyst for initiating transformational leadership that lasts in any classroom, school, or district. The truth of the matter really is that simple; and the transformation of organizations through the holistic development of individuals really is that difficult—yet altogether possible for anyone willing to invest the time, effort, and sacrifice required to achieve authentic, transformational results.

Unlike any training program that has ever preceded it, Self-Action Leadership provides a single vehicle wherewith individual self-leaders can discover—and then act—upon the great truth that HOLISTIC personal development and growth spanning the mental, moral, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social elements of our individual natures is within the grasp of each one of us.

Back Cover of Self-Action Leadership, the Book
NoteFreedom Focused is a non-partisan, for-profit, educational corporation.  As such, we do not endorse or embrace political figures.  We do, however, comment from time-to-time on historical or political events that provide pedagogical backdrops to illuminating principles contained in the SAL Theory & Model.

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Click HERE to read more about Dr. Jensen's book, Self-Action Leadership, and to review what experts in the leadership field are saying about this groundbreaking new personal development handbook.

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