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Self-Action Leadership TRAINING for Business Professionals

Leadership Training on a Personal Level
Today's blog post explicates the practical functions of Self-Action Leadership TRAINING and consulting in organizations, especially business, corporate, and other professional or work entities.

We begin by elucidating...

The Five C's of Organizational Success

The long-term success of any business or organization is contingent on FIVE (5) fundamental ingredients: Character, Competence, Consequences, Connections, and Consistency.


1). CHARACTER refers to who you are in terms of honesty and integrity.

2). COMPETENCE refers to your ability to think, speak, and do.  It is your capacity to efficiently and effectively complete tasks and objectives in a timely manner.

3). CONSEQUENCES refer to expectations and systems of discipline (including punitive measures) and accountability that maintain order and standards.

4). CONNECTIONS refer to who you know and work with, and how you relate with, regard, and respect them, as well as the relationships you have with human beings in general.

5). CONSISTENCY refers to the ability to endure tests of time and the adversity that accompanies it.

Any combination of these ingredients may (and often will) bring about short-term successes.  But without ALL five working synergistically together, your organization will eventually meld into the median, molder into mediocrity, or atrophy away into oblivion.

Ingredients for Sucesss

SAL Training = Corporate Recipe Gold
One of my hobbies is making chocolate chip cookies.  In the world of cooking and baking, using the correct ingredients is absolutely essential to a successful outcome.  Moreover, the quality of the ingredients, as well as the way and order in which you apply them can be as important as the ingredients themselves.  Such it is with the five C's of organizational success.

According to the SAL Model, CHARACTER must always precede everything you do.  Without good character rooted in correct principles, you'll lack a strong foundation and find yourself "building mansions upon the sand" (Ella Wheeler Wilcox) in everything you endeavor to construct—physically or metaphysically.

Without COMPETENCE, you will never accomplish anything—at least not efficiently or effectively.  Without CONSEQUENCES, there will be no accountability.  Without quality CONNECTIONS and healthy relationships, whatever CONSISTENCY you may apply will prove to be little more than the "foolish ... hobgoblin of little minds" (Emerson).  If any ingredient is missing, or improperly mixed, your final product will exit the oven soggy and distasteful—a failed exercise in culinary artistry, construction, and palatability.  

The two incontrovertible KEYS to ensuring that your own batch of corporate cookies are properly made, mixed, and baked, are LEADERSHIP and EDUCATION.  You must have leaders and managers who both exemplify and execute the five C's and other SAL principles THEMSELVES and then in-turn teach, coach, and mentor their subordinates to do likewise through the pedagogical practice of... 

Rote and Reiteration

There is no complete substitute for
old fashioned rote learning
However postmodernists may spin it, if the teaching and learning of correct principles is to authentically occur, there must be a degree of rote instruction and reiterative review.  In layman's terms, this means you must both implicitly model and explicitly state exactly what you desire and expect of your subordinates and then REPEAT it over and over and over and over and over and over again (5-7 times minimum before it will stick).  And even after that, indefinite reminders never hurt anybody.

There is no other way!

Click HERE to read more about postmodernism and postmodernists, and how Freedom Focused is working to put an end to this lost bygone era and replace it with an Age of Authenticism.

This may sound simple, and in theory it is.  But in actual practice, it can be very challenging.  This is because leaders must not only exemplify the standard themselves, but they must be constantly shepherding their flocks.  There is no room for letup or laziness—two inclinations to which all humans fall prey, and both of which exacerbate organizational entropy and invite further atrophy of individual character and capacity.

To illustrate how rote and reiterative leadership and education works, consider the following example from a Fortune 100 Company... 

ExxonMobil's Sterling Safety Record

Giant oil tanker, similar to the Exxon Valdez vessel

On March 24, 1989, the infamous Exxon Valdez oil tanker crashed into a reef off of the coast of Alaska, spilling tens of millions of gallons of crude oil into the ocean.  Aside from the billions of dollars of cleanup cost, Exxon's reputation was marred for many years by the incident.

Fortunately, the organization learned from its mistake.  Today, partly as a result of this terrible accident over a quarter of a century ago, ExxonMobil has a sterling safety record that is envied throughout the oil and gas industry and corporate world.


Because their leaders committed themselves to exemplifying stellar safety standards, and then religiously taught those principles and expectations to their subordinates via continual rote and reiterative pedagogical practices.  

My wife got a job with ExxonMobil in 2009—twenty years after the Exxon Valdez disaster.  But ExxonMobil has not forgotten.  To this day, they still drill safety standards and practices into the minds and hearts of everyone in the organization with a fervor and regularity that I would describe as religious.  Indeed, they talk about and train on the subject of safety all the time.  They also hold regular meetings—referred to as "Safety Moments"—whereby each individual (regardless of their position) receives opportunities to further herald the rules and expectations by teaching the subject themselves to their colleagues and supervisors.  This is a brilliant pedagogical strategy on ExxonMobil's part because it is widely accepted that teaching something is the best way to learn it.

Simply stated, safety has become a sacred cow at ExxonMobil—and not just on their oil tankers and offshore rigs.  They also carefully regulate safety standards at their white collar corporate campuses, including strict speed limits in and around their parking garages and other on-campus areas.

In addition, consequences are set up for those who disregard the standards.  For example, if you break the speed limit, your license plate will be photographed and you will be issued an official warning (I know, because I accidentally got photographed going 5 miles over the limit while visiting campus to lunch with my wife one day, and my wife got an email about the incident).  If you break it again, your supervisor will receive an e-mail notifying him or her of your infraction.  If you break it a third time, your Vice President will receive an e-mail.  Now how many e-mails do you think ExxonMobil Vice Presidents receive because their subordinates are speeding?  The number is probably very close to zero.

Safety is so sacrosanct at ExxonMobil that they even expect their employees to hold onto handrails when going up and down stairs.  And to encourage any OCD-type personalities like me, they ensured that their handrails were hewn out of germ-resistant material—to further encourage everyone to take their safety caveats seriously.

Self-Action Leadership Training

In order to ensure the health and SAFETY of your organization's body, mind, heart, and soul, and thereby ensure the long-term viability and prosperity of your bottom line, your company, team, and group needs comprehensive Self-Action Leadership TRAINING.  SAL Training is the key to developing WHOLE executives, managers, employees, and contractors of solid character who are competent, emotionally intelligent, team players who get results.  

Our MISSION at Freedom Focused is to herald the FIVE (5) C's and other principles and practices of Self-Action Leadership with the same kind of passion and persistence that ExxonMobil heralds safety standards.  And our VISION is to see that every organization on the planet who desires this training, actually receives it.

It ALL begins with the ONE
Virtually everyone agrees—at least implicitly—that CHARACTER, COMPETENCE, CONSEQUENCES, CONNECTIONS, and CONSISTENCY are absolutely key to the long-term success of any organization or venture.

The great irony, however, is that most organizations don't end up devoting much time, effort, or capital to ensuring that everyone in their organization actually receives explicit SAL-oriented training that is regular, repeated, and rote in nature.

Doing so would require that you engage deeply in one of those pesky Quadrant 2 activities (Covey) that nearly everyone agrees is incredibly important (in theory), but almost never urgent (in actual practice) until the median has slipped into mediocrity, or the mediocre has digressed into disintegration and it is too late.

A generation ago, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People became a household name because organizations around the nation and world recognized the essential need of holistic, personal leadership training.  Freedom Focused is positioning itself to become the FranklinCovey of the 21st Century through the development of a brand new, cutting-edge self-leadership Theory & Model called Self-Action Leadership.

Click HERE to learn about how Freedom Focused is positioning itself as the FranklinCovey of the 21st Century, and how Self-Action Leadership serves as a new age analogue to The 7 Habits.

Click HERE to learn more about the SAL Theory & Model.

Click HERE to read about the Vision & Mission of Freedom Focused.

One of the greatest misnomers about achieving long-term success is that its recipe is enigmatic, and that if you could only decode its inscrutable formula, achieving it would be relatively simple.  In reality, the exact opposite is the case.  The recipe for success is really quite simple and basic.  The trouble is that applying it is tremendously difficult because it takes a LOT of time and energy and effort.  But in the end, there is no other way, and that is precisely why relatively few individuals or organizations are able to unearth large quantities of success.

The recipe to lasting success is simple because authentic success in any life arena ultimately boils down to an effective application of the FIVE C's and other SAL principles and practices.  Now I am not going to lie to you... actually achieving success is quite difficult because it requires Leaders and Followers who actually exemplify and then reiteratively teach the rote fundamentals without ever giving up on the simple disciplines of the basic formula.

Once again, this basic formula is: Character x Competence x Consequences x Connections x Consistency = Long-Term Existential Growth (or Success); or written in shorthand:

C5 = LTEG (S).

No matter how successful you have been in the past, or how much capital or brain power or talent you possess in the present, you will eventually falter or fail if you do not put in the hard work required to consistently apply this simple formula.  To maximize your potential and success, Self-Action Leadership oriented training must be delivered in the same way that ExxonMobil consistently models, teaches, and then reiterates their rote safety training principles and practices, that is: early, often, and always.  

There is no other way.

How then have organizations in the past achieved remarkable long-term successes without Self-Action Leadership training?  After all, the SAL Theory & Model is a relatively new theoretical construct.

The answer is, they did have SAL training.  It was merely delivered in a different package (implicitly or explicitly).  With the exception of the new SAL Theory with its groundbreaking astronomical and atmospheric conceptualizations and the SAL Model with its unique construction metaphor, there is nothing new about SAL principles and practices.  SAL is simply the most creative and effective way (to date) to teach a holistic range of personal leadership knowledge and competencies.  Imagine how much better those same successful organizations might have been if they had received explicit training on this invaluable material!

Dr. Jordan Jensen
Master Facilitator
The opportunity is now here to bring explicit SAL training to YOUR organization.  This opportunity includes the possibility of revolutionizing, or at least evolutionizing, your workforce into pathways of holistic personal growth and progress that will produce quantum leaps in the long-term prosperity of your bottom line.

SAL Training is the training of the future.  It is training for the organizational soul.  It is the silver bullet to long-term success.

To read about one leader, Joe Jensen's, successful, implicit use of SAL principles and practices in leading his team to extraordinary, even outlying, results, click HERE.

If you are an organizational leader or manager thinking about brining SAL training to your company, where do you start?

Simple... just call us at 832-618-5451, or e-mail us at, and we will provide you with a free consultation to discover which SAL training would be right for you.

SAL trainings are deliverable in five different time frames.  Additional consulting services and a variety of related soft skills training options are also available upon request.

2-hour     ~   Introduction to SAL*

Half-day  ~  Abridged SAL training*

Full-day  ~   Abridged SAL training*

Two-day  ~  Abridged SAL training*   

Four-day  ~  Full SAL training* 

*All SAL trainings include a copy of Dr. Jensen's new book: Self-Action Leadership: The Key to Personal, Professional, & Global Freedom, seen below...

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Self-Action Leadership  ~  The Book

SELF-ACTION LEADERSHIP is the key catalyst for initiating transformational leadership that lasts in any organization. The truth of the matter really is that simple; and the transformation of organizations through the holistic development of individuals really is that difficult—yet altogether possible for anyone willing to invest the time, effort, and sacrifice required to achieve authentic, transformational results.

Unlike any training program that has ever preceded it, Self-Action Leadership provides a single vehicle wherewith individual self-leaders can discover—and then act—upon the great truth that HOLISTIC personal development and growth spanning the mental, moral, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social elements of our individual natures is within the grasp of each one of us.

Back Cover of Self-Action Leadership, the Book
NoteFreedom Focused is a non-partisan, for-profit, educational corporation.  As such, we do not endorse or embrace political figures.  We do, however, comment from time-to-time on historical or political events that provide pedagogical backdrops to illuminating principles contained in the SAL Theory & Model.

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