Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Making of a Champion

Attention Coaches, Leaders, and Educators Everywhere: 

Practically speaking, what exactly is the FUNCTIONAL AIM of the Self-Action Leadership Textbooks and training?

To answer this question, I'd like to pose a few questions to YOU, as follows:

1. When, in the past, were YOU most focused on and diligently dedicated to a single-minded purpose?

2. What was your goal, objective, or "End in Mind" for giving it your all for that particular period of time?

3. Did you achieve it?

4. If so, how did it feel?

5. Would you like to replicate those feelings and accomplishments?

When I think about these questions myself, I immediately go back to my junior year in high school during the lead-up to winning the State cross-country championship in my school's classification.

After finishing 4th at the State Meet the previous year as a sophomore, I was determined to not be a bride's maid my junior season. For several months following the 1996 Summer Olympics (which was very inspiring to watch), I was completely zoned in on my objective. In short, I exercised highly effective Self-Action Leadership and was richly rewarded with an individual Gold Medal and First Place team trophy at season's end. As an individual athlete and a Team Captain, I accomplished everything I set out to achieve.

It was enormously rewarding.

As someone once said: "Once a Champion, always a Champion." I believe this is true for the simple reason that this outlying achievement has continued to burnish and bolster my self-image and confidence for the past 24 years, despite accomplishing more significant and more important things since that time.

What about YOU?

I'm guessing you could probably hearken back to something similar in your own personal life or professional career. What made that particular season, semester, or time period so special? What set it apart from other periods of your life when your efforts and results were less spectacular?

The idea behind the Self-Action Leadership seminars and textbooks is to provide YOU and your student athletes with an opportunity to intentionally simulate these outlying periods of heightened preparation and increased focus that lead us to become our very best either personally or professionally. Such opportunities can, in fact, be intentionally created by diligently reading, studying, and learning the principles of SAL and then applying their accompanying practices over set periods of time.

What do you have to lose to train your students in SAL, equip them with textbooks, coaching, and mentoring, and then really GO FOR IT in your upcoming season, semester, year, et cetera?

How far might you go by taking this unique, time-tested approach?

Would it be worth it to give it a shot, knowing from your own past experiences how valuable such endeavors can be?

If your honest answers to these questions are:

1). I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

2). It is definitely worth a shot -- just to see how far we might go.

3). Without any question, YES!

Then I look forward to hearing from you soon to begin developing a specific plan to transform your team, classroom, school, district, organization, etc., into the Championship Program it was destined to become.

See You at the Top-

-Dr. JJ

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Click HERE to read the Foreword & Afterword to the SAL Textbooks, written by Christopher P. Neck, Ph.D., and David G. Anthony, Ed.D.

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