Monday, August 31, 2020

What Sets SAL apart from Everything Else?

What sets Self-Action Leadership (SAL) apart from all other options on the market—past or present?

The answer is simple: COMPREHENSIVENESS and long-term RESULTS.

SAL is about far more than getting motivated, setting goals, improving performance, or even winning a game or championship—although it serves as an umbrella that secures and protects all of those things as well.

SAL is about an individual's holistic development. It's about empowering individuals to make a quantum leap in their ability to use their own minds and hearts to become better, smarter, and more caring, capable, and accomplished people than they previously were.

Just as importantly, SAL is about getting onto a personal life-pathway that will lead to desirable long-term results in one's personal life and career. For as all highly successful leaders understand, the true measure of one's success and legacy is not merely degrees, promotions, fame, money, or personal achievements. It is about the kind of influence you have on othersin conjunction with the family you build, the true friends you acquire, and the impact you have on your community, state, nation, and world. 

As I developed the SAL Theory & Model over the past two decades, many people have wondered (and some have even vocally queried) why I chose to break the cardinal rules of personal development coursework (and marketing) in the 21st century. In other words, why did I write two long, black-and-white textbooks that are heavier on substance than they are on style, color, and seeming sell-ability.

The answer is simple: authentic people—like YOU—want authentic solutions to the very real and perplexing problems and dilemmas they face in life. And the reality is that the ONLY authentic solution to personal development and other self-leadership snafus involve careful learning, diligent study, and then consistent and persistent application of true principles over time.

There is no other way!

Deep down, I think we all intuitively know this is true. Unfortunately, we are often too ignorant (sometimes intentionally) and lethargic (or even lazy) to pursue authentic pathways to real results. Why? Because real results are usually difficult to achieve. It's so much easier (in the short-run) to just hide from our problems and pretend they don't really exist.

Put another way, the reason I consciously chose to develop a seemingly 18th, 19th, or 20th century solution for the 21st century is because the principles and practices that lead to long-term success have not changed one iota in the past 6, sixty, 600, or even 6,000 years. While different authors have come up with a cornucopia of creative ways and means of packaging parts and portions of this TRUE FORMULA over the years, the fact is that no one has ever assembled a holistic, secular, and academically-based theory and model that covers the full-spectrum of both the art and science of personal development.

Until now that is... because that's what SAL offers!

In other words, SAL provides infinitely more than a "pep talk," "motivational speech," or even a "30/60/90-day success program." Rather, SAL offers a veritable lifelong guidebook for successfully navigating life itself as a human being. If such a guidebook were in fact to exist—and the principles and practices it outlined actually worked when followed—wouldn't you want it to have 1,300 pages as opposed to 1.3, thirteen, or 130?

You see, my friends, the real magic of the SAL material comes to life as individuals commit to carefully reading and studying the SAL Manuals on a daily basis over an extended period of time, thus allowing the principles to seep deep into their minds and hearts, thereby taking root into their very souls. Add to this a committed daily practice and application of the principles, and you begin to see—over time—remarkable and unprecedented transformations of an individual's personal and professional capacity and performance.  

While professional training and mentoring can and should facilitate this process, the real magic occurs as a person immerses oneself in the material and then begins to think deeply and critically about how the principles apply to him or her in a relevant, practical manner. Followed up by committed and diligent action, this method is failure-proof.

Growing up, my father taught me that that nothing in life worth having comes fast or easy. You and I both know that Dad's words to me are TRUE. If you want to be the BEST at something—or more importantly, your best as a human being—there is only one true pathway that leads to that objective. That journey involves PAYING THE PRICE that authentic accomplishment and long-term success demands.

A generation ago, Dr. Stephen R. Covey noted that we live in a world where far too many of us are overly prone to embrace "quick-fix" and "band-aid" approaches and solutions to our problems. It's even worse in our present generation, where many people—and even many leaders—too often seek to solve decades- or even centuries-old problems in a single 140-character Tweet!

While "quick-fix" and "band-aid" approaches to problem-solving may mask the pain of those problems in the short-run, we all know that in the long-run, there is only one way to solve problems. As M. Scott Peck once quipped, "The only way to solve a problem is to solve it." That sounds simple enough in theory; but in actual practice, solving deep problems is rarely quick or easy.

But it can be done!

SAL teaches you the hows to achieve the kind of real and authentic personal problem solving and inner growth that leads to outward success. I am here to give you the opportunity to change, grow, and become consummately successful—over time—by following those true principles upon which long-term change, growth, and success are predicated. And just imagine what these kind of individual character transformations would do to YOUR own personal and professional victories down the road?

When it comes to getting things done, there is never a better time than the PRESENT. Yes, budgets are tight right now and everything else is extra difficult as we continue slogging through this once-in-a-century pandemic. Yet, I have discovered in my own life and career that no matter what your circumstances may be, there is almost always enough time and/or money to do what you really want to do—if you want to do it badly enough. Furthermore, could there be a better time to invest in your own personal and professional development? Indeed, the time may very well be perfect for YOU to begin undertaking an initiative of this nature.  

How badly do you want to see your life, or the lives of your subordinates or students absolutely transformed through an immersion in Self-Action Leadership principles and practices? 

When YOU decide you want it badly enough, click HERE to procure your own copy of Self-Action Leadership, Volumes 1 & II.  

Sincerely—and with RESPECT,

-Dr. JJ

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