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Freedom Focused Products & Services

You may have heard about Dr. Jordan Jensen and his training company—  Freedom Focused —  but do you really know what they actually offer to businesses, schools, and individuals?  

If not, then you will after reading this blog post.  

Dr. Jordan Jensen
Founder & CEO of Freedom Focused
An idea — like the Age of Authenticism — must be widely shared and carefully cultivated over long periods of time if it is to flourish into a cultural changing movement.

Freedom Focused exists to provide products and services HERE-AND-NOW in the form of books and live training seminars that share and cultivate this message — making it immediately applicable and readily beneficial in the lives of individuals and organizations that seek it out.

But we do more than this... we also offer seminars on a variety of practical soft skills that business professionals and educators need every day.  These skills include:

  • Business and technical writing
  • E-mail etiquette
  • Grammar & proofreading
  • Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Management & supervision
  • Executive leadership
  • Strategic thinking
  • Goal setting
  • Personal time management and life leadership
  • Personal & professional life balance

The purpose of this blog post is to clearly outline our products and services for proactive persons who are ready to not only sharpen their professional skills, but who are also eager to invest in the long-term education, development, and existential growth of themselves and the organizations in which they work and lead.

Have you ever heard of, or dined at, the restaurant Raising Cane's?  This relatively new fast-food chain has become famous for offering a limited menu that focuses on only a few things (i.e. chicken fingers, French fries, Texas toast, and lemonade).

Aside from their signature dipping sauce, a side of cole slaw, and Coca-Cola soft drinks, there really isn't anything else on the menu.  And that is just the way their customer's want it: they don't go to Raising Cane's because they want a lot of options; they go because they want delicious chicken strips and something fresh to wash it down with.  By focusing on mastering a few, simple products and services, Raising Cane's has become a household name in many States throughout the country.

Self-Action Leadership
Our Primary Product
Freedom Focused is kind of like Raising Cane's.  We don't offer a lot of products and services.  Perhaps someday we will; but right now, we are highly focused on just TWO basic services and ONE basic product.

Our product is a comprehensive, metaphysical, TEXTBOOK  FOR  LIFE, entitled: Self-Action Leadership: The Key to Personal, Professional, & Global Freedom.  Our service is to teach accompanying seminars on Self-Action Leadership and other, related personal and professional thought processes and skill sets.  While we do offer consulting services, any guidance we provide revolves around the Self-Action Leadership Theory, Model, and Philosophy.

The purpose of our services and product are single-minded: to promote freedom and existential growth for people everywhere in support of a growing movement known as the Age of Authenticism.

Listen to what the experts are saying about the Self-Action Leadership book:

Colonel Lee Ellis
U.S. Air Force (retired)
"In Self Action Leadership, Jordan Jensen has assembled a leadership masterpiece anchored steadfastly in true principles of philosophy and human behavior. In wonderfully written prose, Jordan reminds us of who we are and what it takes to live and lead with honor. Moreover, he challenges us to live up to the high calling of being human beings with a special mission on this Earth. To accomplish our mission, we must do two major things: grow in our sense of personal responsibility, and in turn, care for others and help them to do the same. I grappled with these two areas in a primal way during more than five years as a POW in Vietnam. Now I’m thrilled to see how Jordan has laid out SAL by using the vehicle of story to illuminate his own, unique journey of transcending adversity. In so doing, he has inspired us all to become who we are capable of becoming. Bravo!”

Colonel Lee Ellis (retired)
U.S. Air Force, Vietnam POW Survivor (Hanoi Hilton), author of Leading With Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton, and President & Founder of Leadership Freedom LLC & FreedomStar Media

Dr. David Anthony
CEO, Raise Your Hand Texas
"Reading this book may be the most worthwhile thing you do this year.  I hope the message of Self-Action Leadership makes its way into the minds and hearts of students, parents, and business professionals everywhere.  Its presence in the literature is a service to our Country."

David G. Anthony, Ed.D.
CEO of Raise Your Hand Texas, and former Superintendent of Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District

Dr. Chris Neck
Arizona State University
"Jensen has accomplished a task that is very difficult for any author to achieve, and that is to produce a single text that is highly relevant to multiple audiences at the same time.  Because of the universal applicability of his basic self-leadership principles, his message is germane not only to persons struggling with OCD, depression, or other forms of mental illness, but to civic leaders, business professionals and workers of all kinds, educators, students, parents, and children--in short, to EVERYONE.  Indeed, I do believe that virtually anyone who reads this book will be able to take away something from it that will improve his or her life in a significant way."

Christopher P. Neck, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor at Arizona State University, co-author of Self-Leadership: The Definitive Guide to Personal Excellence, and a leading self-leadership scholar

Click HERE to BUY a Nook version or Hard Copy of Self-Action Leadership 

Jordan R. Jensen, Ed.D.

Master Facilitator
In addition to praise for Dr. Jensen's book, read what people are saying about his talent, skill, and expertise as a world-class seminar facilitator/presenter:

“The seminar was almost perfect in all aspects.
Jordan is a very talented speaker. There is an integrity that comes through in his examples and in his general presentation of the material.”

"I have been to previous seminars on management. None were this informative or well organized. Jordan is a knowledgable, well spoken, excellent speaker."

"I was promoted to supervisor in January. I knew there were gaps in my leadership but could not recognize what they were. Jordan provided me with a whole different viewpoint on leading and managing my team."

“Jordan told us a great deal about his own journey of self-leadership, which was very authentic and credible”

"Very organized; very interesting; everyone was engaged. A great way to learn management skills.”

"Jordan did an excellent job interacting with different people and diverse concerns."

“Very knowledgable leader, interesting anecdotes, well prepared, good pacing; the time went by like lightning.”

“Jordan set a relaxed atmosphere for learning. He was kind, respectful, and knowledgable."

Want to see Dr. Jensen in action for yourself?  Click on one of the following TWO links to access YouTube Clips of Dr. Jensen speaking at a live seminar and at a podium.

Click HERE to view Dr. Jensen's 
Self-Action Leadership Introductory Seminar

Click HERE to view Dr. Jensen's 

Ready to bring a Freedom Focused seminar 

to YOUR organization?

Here are your options...


Click on seminar title link to download a FREE 1-page training brochure

Self-Action Leadership
The Key to Personal, Professional, & Global Freedom

Half-day live seminar (Introduction & overview)

Full-day live seminar

2-day live seminar

3-day live seminar

4-day live seminar (complete and unabridged live training)

Business Communication Essentials 
The Keys to Effective Listening & Speaking at Work  (1-day live training)

Mastering Your Emotions
The Art & Science of Emotional Intelligence at Work  (1-day live training)

Results Focused Business Writing 
The Fundamentals of Professional Written Communication  (1-day training)

Grammar Made Fun for Professionals 
An Essential Refresher on English Grammar & Proofreading  (1-day live training)

E-mail Professionalism & Etiquette
The Keys to Effective Electronic Communication  (1-day live training)

Business Writing & Grammar Combo Course  (2-day live training)

Business Writing, Grammar, and E-mail Trifecta Course  (3-day live training)

Delivering Powerful Presentations
The Art of Public Speaking & Persuasion  (1-day live training)

Leadership & Management 101
Principles for Leading Teams to Get Results  (1-day live training)

Leadership & Management 202
Towards a Self-Directed Work Team  (1-day live training)

Leadership & Management Combo Course  (2-day live training)

The Time-Life Balance
Where Time Management Meets Life Leadership  (1-day live training)

Existential Heptathletes
The Search for Personal & Professional Balance & Growth  (1-day live training)

The Age of Authenticism
A New Era of Character-Driven Excellence  (1-day live training)

Keynote Addresses  (topics negotiable)

20 minute speech
30 minute speech
45-minute speech
1-hour speech

For information about availability and pricing, or to order a Freedom Focused Seminar for YOUR organization TODAY, please visit us at:

or call us at:


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