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SAL Book: Final Prefacing Material

Dear Readers:

In preparation for Monday’s launch of the official online serial publication of Self-Action Leadership, I present the final pre-launch prefacing material. After reviewing this information, I invite you to encourage a family member or friend to sign up to receive the Freedom Focused blog in preparation for Monday’s launch.

-Dr. JJ

Self-Action Leadership: The Key to Personal & Professional Freedom

A Comprehensive Personal Leadership Training Resource for Governments, Businesses, Schools, Homes, & Individuals


Jordan R. Jensen, Ed.D

Table of Contents

BOOK THE FIRST: An Introduction to Self-Action Leadership

Chapter 1: What Sets This Book Apart from Other Self-Help Reads?

Chapter 2: The Freedom to Change

Chapter 3: The Price of Change

Chapter 4: Your Responsibility to Change

Chapter 5: The Age of Authenticism

Chapter 6: The Cause of Freedom

Chapter 7: Freedom Focused

Chapter 8: Ask Not

Chapter 9: The Essential Role of Education

Chapter 10: The Last Best Hope of Earth

Chapter 11: Things That Enslave

Chapter 12: Emancipation through Self-Action Leadership

Chapter 13: The Challenge & Quest to Become

Chapter 14: A Moral Imperative

Chapter 15: The Power of Personal Experience

Chapter 16: SAL Variables

BOOK THE SECOND: The Self-Action Leadership Theory

Chapter 1: A Theory of Existential Space Travel

Chapter 2: You and I are a Lot Alike

Chapter 3: My Story

Chapter 4: Your World

Chapter 5: Freedom & Consequences

Chapter 6: Taking Complete Responsibility

Chapter 7: Nat’s Story

Chapter 8: Paying The Price Over a Lifetime

Chapter 9: Leadership by Example

Chapter 10: Natural Laws of Acquisition

Chapter 11: Jason’s Story

Chapter 12: Creating Your World from the Inside Out

Chapter 13: Felicia’s Story

Chapter 14: Existential Growth is Difficult

Chapter 15: OCD is Hell

Chapter 16: The Rocky Road of Romance

Chapter 17: Existential Gravity

Chapter 18: Pete’s Story

Chapter 19: Your Existential Rocket Ship

Chapter 20: Inner Growth Creates Outer Transformation

Chapter 21: Famous Stories of Self-Leadership

Chapter 22: Right & Wrong are Real

Chapter 23: The Way Things Really Are

Chapter 24: The Power of Beliefs & Experiences

Chapter 25: Truth’s Greatest Mysteries

Chapter 26: Making a Commitment to Reality

Chapter 27: Finding Purpose & Meaning in Your Life

Chapter 28: Declaring War on the Enemy Within

BOOK THE THIRD: The Self-Action Leadership Model

Chapter 1: The Seeds of Self-Help

Chapter 2: A Construction Metaphor

Chapter 3: SAL Model Part I

Chapter 4: Drafting Existential Blueprints

Chapter 5: SAL Model Part II

Chapter 6: SAL Model Part III

Chapter 7: SAL Model Part IV

Chapter 8: Tips for Implementing the SAL Model into Your Life

BOOK THE FOURTH: A Pedagogy of Personal Leadership

Chapter 1: The Great Education Gap of Our Time

Chapter 2: Personal Leadership in the Classroom: Real Life Example 1

Chapter 3: Personal Leadership in the Classroom: Real Life Example 2

Chapter 4: Personal Leadership in the Classroom: Real Life Example 3

Chapter 5: Personal Leadership in the Classroom: Real Life Example 4

Chapter 6: Personal Leadership in the Classroom: Real Life Example 5

Chapter 7: Pedagogies of Personal Leadership: A General Template

BOOK THE LAST: You Are Sovereign

Chapter 1: Now What?

Chapter 2: Opening Yourself up to Grace

Chapter 3: Dream Big

Chapter 4: You are Sovereign

Chapter 5: The Art of Being Alive

Chapter 6: A Key to Everything

Afterword by Dr. David G. Anthony

Appendix A: The SAL Theory & Model in Brief

Appendix B: Books for Further Reading

Appendix C: SAL Mantras, Quotes, & Poems

Appendix D: SAL Task Tracker Template

About Freedom Focused

Freedom Focused Declaration of Independence

Freedom Focused Corporate Constitution

About the Author

Authors Note

This book is an abridged revision of the author’s doctoral dissertation, and other papers he wrote as a graduate student. To review Dr. Jensen’s full dissertation—including additional narrative detail and scholarly literature reviews of self-leadership, autoethnography, action research, and obsessive-compulsive disorder—visit our website at and click on Books & Free Downloads.

Throughout the book, the terms SAL and SAL-Philosophy are used to refer to Self-Action Leadership (SAL) and its accompanying philosophical underpinnings (SAL-Philosophy). SAL-Philosophy is essentially shorthand notation for all premises and paradigms contained in the SAL Theory & Model.


Shorthand term for Self-Action Leadership.


The philosophical premises undergirding the Self-Action Leadership Theory & Model. 

How This Book is Organized

This book is divided into FIVE parts. BOOK the FIRST sets the stage by providing a Freedom Focused introduction to Self-Action Leadership. BOOK the SECOND contains the SAL theory. BOOK the THIRD contains the SAL model. BOOK the FOURTH is dedicated to academic, business, cultural, and familial educators. It introduces a Pedagogy of Personal Leadership for use in classrooms (literal and figurative) everywhere. BOOK the FIFTH offers concluding remarks on SAL Philosophy and further fleshes out the concept of self-sovereignty.

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